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All departments in which our firm is divided act in an integrated manner and are governed by rules such as: best service, satisfaction and success for the customer.

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Michael Poole is the founder of MICHAEL POOLE LAW. He has handled complicated immigration matters such as removal proceedings and vacating criminal charges for those who have made a mistake and asked for a second chance in life. He has worked extensively in matters involving expungements, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy Chapter 13 and 7, Defective Drugs, Lender Liability, Employment Law, Criminal Defense, and DUI.

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Michael Poole Law is a legal office with an understanding of who we’re helping and why. It is our first and foremost ambition to provide a just opportunity for everyone to be treated EQUALLY before the law. It’s our calling, and we embrace it.


The road to obtaining a “green card” can be a straight easy road that may quickly become complex and daunting.


Civil Litigation

The conduct of a non-criminal matter in a court of law from initial advice through enforcement of judgment.

Criminal Defense

Fighting the negative consequences of criminal charges should be your top priority.

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 & 13

Bankruptcy laws help people get a fresh start, when they can no longer pay their creditors.

Personal Injury

An injury to yourself or a loved one can have devastating consequences. Our office can help you get what you deserve for your pain and suffering.

Lender Liability

Foreclosure litigation is a specialized area of the law that requires an experienced attorney.

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